What is Horus NFT?

Horus NFT is a collection of 10 000 NFT's, randomly generated representing Horus in all his forms. These NFT's are only available on the Hathor blockchain. Moreover each Horus, although being all different, are more or less rare! Their characteristics determine this one!

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Q3 2021

Launch of the Horus NFT project, revealing our first NFT pieces, putting the website and our social networks online.

Q4 2021

Initialisation of Horus DeFi, setting up rewards for our NFT's holders.

Q1 2022

Advanced development of Horus DeFi, launch of our dedicated utility token $HORUS.

Q2 2022

More to expect...


To purchase NFT's you will need the Hathor wallet, transfer funds to it, and then follow the instructions given at the time of purchase. Please note that you can't buy from an exchange, as they don't support NFT's.

To transfer $HTR to your wallet, you must already have some. For this, you can buy them on KuCoin, AscendEx or CoinMetro. Once you have your $HTR, go to your exchange and look for the withdrawal function. Choose $HTR and enter your hathor wallet address. Then enter the number of hathor you want to transfer and launch the operation. Your $HTR are now in your wallet.

Each NFT has a unit price of 40 $HTR. The price will always remain the same. For 40 $HTR, you get 1 NFT, for 80 $HTR, 2 NFT's and so on.

It will depend on the number of orders! To avoid congestion of the hathor blockchain, the NFT's are automatically minted one by one (as a queue). This can take a few minutes if there are several people in front of you in the queue, otherwise a few seconds should be enough.

To view your NFT's, we invite you to use the hathor explorer or our viewer located at the top of the page.

For any other problem, contact directly a member of the team on Twitter or Telegram , we will be happy to help you. Please note that no team member will send you a message first, beware of scams, never reveal your wallet recovery phrase or any other sensitive information!